This Croc Will Die In 100 Days CHAPTER LIST

The Exceptional Farmgirl summary:

Following an accident, Su Xinyu, a 35-yeard old surgeon transmigrated to a baby's body in ancient times, becoming the seventh daughter of Tao Liuping.She hence became the infant Xiangzhi'er, but kept her adult's mind secret as she grew, seeking a way to survive in the patriarchy. It was fortunate that her mother was a strong woman, who knew the ways of the world and thought differently. She promised to raise her daughters well and protect them from bullying, not to mention that Xiangzhi's sisters all earned their keep, and were as tough as they were smart. Xiangzhi herself became good friends with the young boy Rock, brought to her by a mysterious old man — and yet, she failed to notice that her little quirks that surpass ordinary children were noticed by an old woman from the village who held hidden depths...
Chapter name View Time uploaded
Chapter 58: Beat Him Up! 3,334 Dec 16,21
Chapter 55: Being Frank 4,614 Dec 10,21
Chapter 20: The Only Man 10,898 Oct 30,21
Chapter 5: Instigation 11,887 Oct 27,21
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